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The Star Trek Service Record Simulator is a turn based role-playing simulator which allows a player to create a virtual character who then embarks upon a space career in the United Federation Starfleet.

The simulator operates on a turn system, with one turn equaling a month in the Star Trek universe.  The simulator operates from January 2240 to December 2380.  Starships, equipment, bases, and uniforms are also period specific and change over time.


The Star Trek Service Record Simulator is set in the universe of Star Trek with game events occurring side-by-side with events seen in live action television productions and films. 

Regarding the recent film "Star Trek": The events portrayed in the recent Star Trek motion picture are not incorporated into the service record simulator as these events took place in an alternate time line. 

Regarding the Animated Series: The events of Star Trek: The Animated Series are not considered part of the service record simulator due to contradicting canon facts seen in the cartoon series as compared to live action productions.

Regarding the Delta and Gamma Quadrants: The service record simulator does not cover events in the Delta Quadrant, as seen in Star Trek: Voyager, or those events which have transpired in the Gamma Quadrant, as portrayed in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Due to the Dominion War, which took place in the Alpha Quadrant, the simulator does cover information pertaining to Dominion space vessels and alien races.

Service records

Throughout the simulation, a military service record is maintained for each player tracking accomplishments and activities.

The service records in the simulator are based entirely on real United States military records 


The Star Trek Service Record Simulator was originally written in the year 1998 based on the program Star Trek: Starship Creator

After three expansions to the simulator, an attempt was made to sell the game to Simon & Schuster in 2004, but due to various copyright matters and other complications, the game never became an actual computer software project.   

After a further expansion in 2008, the first draft of the Service Record Simulator website came on line in January 2009.  A re-launched version of the website was activated in July 2010.

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