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political database

The Federation Political Database provides governmental information regarding all major and minor powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the Galaxy. 
Planetary, species, and starship listings are included for all entries.


The Planetary Database provides summary information of all notable planetary bodies in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the galaxy. 
Internal interface links provides access to species files for inhabited planets.


The Interspecies Database provides biological information pertaining to all sentient species of the Alpha and Bata Quadrants of the Galaxies. 
An Addendum also exist for the major races which comprise the forces of the Dominion, as encountered in the 2370s.

awards database

The Awards Database accesses the Starfleet Uniform Code, to provide criteria and eligibility information for all Starfleet awards and decorations.
An addendum to certain high level decorations also list notable recipients.