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The Soviet Union launches the satellite Sputnik into Earth orbit.  This is the first made made craft launched into space by the human race.


Yuri Gagarin, a cosmonaut of the Soviet Union, becomes the first human into space.


The United States of America successfully launches the spaceflight Apollo 11, the first successful manned space mission to the Moon.


The probe Viking I successfully lands on the surface of the planet Mars.


The Space Shuttle Columbia becomes the first of the shuttles to conduct an orbital space flight above Earth.


The Space Shuttle Challenger is destroyed after breaking apart seventy three seconds after launch.  The disaster is a crippling blow to America’s space program.

20th and 21st century historical events


The Eugenics Wars begin between Khan Noonien Singh and the forces of nearly forty other genetically engineered “Supermen”.  The conflict is mainly confined to the Third World, however more developed countries (such as the United States) commit peace-keeping troops to certain areas of the conflict, such as North Africa.  The wars significantly ravage many parts of the world, with entire populations bombed out of existence.


Khan Singh is overthrown and the Eugenics Wars come to an end.  Khan and several of his followers manage to infiltrate the United States' "Area 51" complex and steal the prototype DY-100 interplanetary sleeper ship “Botany Bay”.  In cryogenic suspension, Khan and his followers make their escape into deep space.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launches the Voyager 6 space probe to conduct deep space exploration.


NASA launches the Nomad space probe, designed by Jackson Roykirk.


NASA begins launching the first of many “return-trips” to the Moon.  The first permanent surface base is established seven months later.


United States Air Force Colonel Shawn Geoffrey Christopher leads a successful manned mission to the planet Saturn.


Colonel Philip Green of the Canadian Rebirth Organization launches an attack against the United States.  The strike will signify the beginning of World War III which will result in 37 million dead in the United States and Canada alone.


The Aries IV mission to Mars is deemed a total failure after the orbital module, under the command of Lieutenant John Kelley, mysteriously disappears.


NASA is disbanded after the disappearance of the Space Vessel Charybdis on the outskirts of Earth’s solar system.


The Eastern Coalition is formed, rising from the ashes of several fallen Asian and Third World countries.  The Coalition blames the causes of World War III on the United States and threatens nuclear retaliation.


Full scale nuclear war breaks out on Earth when the Eastern Coalition launches a nuclear strike against the United States of America.  When the nuclear exchange is over,  600 million are dead and many of Earth's major cities have been destroyed.  A cease-fire is signed in the city of San Francisco, at last ending the war.

21st and 22nd century historical events


Zefram Cochrane successfully launches Earth’s first warp capable vessel.  The vessel, known as the Phoenix, is observed by a Vulcan survey craft passing through the edge of Earth’s solar system.  The Vulcans choose this moment to make first contact and land their survey craft in the town of Bozeman, Montana.


The New United Nations is founded, headquartered in Paris, France.  The United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) is formed to facilitate interstellar exploration through the use of warp drive.


The SS Valiant, the first long range warp exploration vessel, is launched from Earth under the authority of UESPA.  The vessel is lost with all hands after being swept out of the galaxy by a spatial anomaly.


UESPA launches the long range space probe Friendship 1.


Following the colonization of Alpha Centauri, humans colonize Vega IX in the Vega star system, twenty two light years from Earth.


Several nations of the former Eastern Coalition break away from the New United Nations, forming a new confederation of mostly East Asia splinter states.  The new regime adopts several archaic and barbaric policies, such as "Guilty until proven innocent" and "Kill all the lawyers"   The period becomes known as the "Post Atomic Horror".


Following contact with the Denobulans, Andorians, and Tellarites, the Earth Cargo Service is founded to facilitate higher levels of interstellar trade.


Earth marks full recovery from the Third World War as the last of the East Asia Splinter States rejoins the New United Nations.


The United Earth Space Probe Agency formally dedicates the "Warp Five Complex" on Earth and begins researching experimental engine designs for faster and larger space vessels.  The project is severely opposed by Vulcan, who feel Earth is not yet ready for long range deep space exploration.


The "United Earth" government is formed, formally establishing Earth as a united world.  Some countries (such as Australia) would maintain their independence until the last of Earth's nations joins the United Earth in 2150.

earth starfleet history


The United Earth Starfleet is founded in San Francisco on Earth.  The new organization assumes responsibility for most of the functions previously held by UESPA, including the development of a warp five spacecraft engine.


Starfleet establishes the "NX Program" to increase warp drive performance onboard United Earth starships.


Continuing with the work of the NX Program, Starfleet begins construction on the "NX-01", the first warp five capable starship.


The starship Enterprise, NX-01 is commissioned in orbit above Earth.  The vessel's first mission, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, involves the rescue of a Klingon agent from the clutches of a race known as the Suliban.


A race known as the Xindi attack Earth.  The starship Enterprise is dispatched to an unknown region of space known as the Delphic Expanse in order to locate and destroy a Xindi weapon aimed at the destruction of Earth.


The first interstellar collective government, the "Coalition of Planets", is founded on Earth.  The primary founding members are the Humans, Vulcan, Andorians, Tellarites, Rigelians, Denobulans, and the Coridanites.


The Earth-Romulan War begins.  Starfleet mobilizes its fleet alongside the Vulcan High Command and the Andorian Imperial Guard.


The Battle of Cheron ends the Earth-Romulan War with a crushing Romulan defeat.  A "Neutral Zone" between the Romulan Empire and the Coalition of Planets is created.  The Romulans withdraw into isolation.

22nd century starfleet history


The United Federation of Planets is officially founded on Earth.  The first five member worlds of the Federation consist of Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, Andoria, and Alpha Centauri.  Within a few years, the number of member worlds will double as Federation territory expands. 

Article Seven of the Federation Charter establishes a Starfleet, with the mission to “seek out new life, new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before”.


The first Daedalus Class Starships are commissioned, capable of reaching speeds of warp seven.


The first graduating class of Starfleet Academy receives their commissions as Starfleet Ensigns. 


Starfleet begins to implement new shipboard operating procedures due to the loss of several Daedalus Class starships such as the USS Archon, Horizon, and Essex.


Starfleet Command publishes “General Order Number 1”, also known as the “Prime Directive” which prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering in the normal development of non-warp capable worlds.


The Klingon Empire declares war on the Federation.  In its first test of military effectiveness, Starfleet manages to easily defeat a Klingon invasion fleet at the Battle of Chin’doc.  The Klingons sign a cease fire, but a formal peace treaty is not declared.


The last Daedalus Class Starship is decommissioned.

early 23rd century starfleet history


The Klingon Empire signs the Treaty of Archanis with the United Federation of Planets.  Although now technically at peace, relations with the Klingon Empire remain very tense and there are several incidents along the Klingon-Federation border over the next several years.


The “time barrier” is broken by a new type of warp engines.  Federation starships are now capable of sustained speeds approaching Warp Eight.


Starfleet adopts the Stardate system as its standard measure of timekeeping onboard all Federation starships, starbases, and shore installations.  Midnight, January 1st, 2240, is declared Stardate 0.1.



Starfleet commissions the first of the new “Starship Class” of space vessel.  Intended to possess the firepower of a destroyer, the agility of a frigate, and the deep space exploratory capability of a science vessel.


The duotronic computer system is invented by Doctor Richard Daystrom, considered a revolutionary leap forward in computer technology and programming.


The Klingon Empire invades the Federation, culminating in the Battle of Donatu V.  After encountering heavy resistance from a combined Starfleet Task Force, Klingon forces withdraw, leading to a technical stalemate.  Tensions continue to remain very high between the two powers for years to come.


A fungus destroys nearly all food supplies on the planet Tarsus IV.  The governor of the planet, Kodos, orders half the population be massacred in order that the other half may survive.


The Battle of Axanar occurs between Starfleet forces and a group of anti-Federation separatists, headquartered on the planet Axanar.  Under the leadership of Fleet Captain Garth, Starfleet routes the separatist forces, bringing about a new era of stability across the entire Federation.


Fearing an invasion by a reclusive alien race known as the Sheliak, the Federation signs the Treaty of Armens which cedes several uninhabited worlds to future colonization by the Sheliak Corporate.


Starfleet orders a complete overhaul of the entire space fleet, beginning with a redesign of the Starship Class Cruiser.  The USS Constitution is the first vessel to receive a complete systems upgrade, giving birth to the new class of vessel known as the "Constitution Class Cruiser".  



Encouraged by the success of the 2262 fleet redesign project, Starfleet orders a further systems refit of all active Starfleet vessels.  Over the course of the next year, all starships receive new warp nacelles, bridge modules, as well as internal design changes.  The redesign also coincides with a major change in the appearance of Starfleet uniforms.


The Romulan Empire ends over a century of isolation, attacking several Starfleet outposts on the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone.  Narrowly averting a war, the Federation signs a cease fire with the Romulans, yet tensions remain very high with border incidents a common occurrence over the next several years.


After nearly a decade of deteriorating relations, the Klingon Empire attacks the Federation beginning with an invasion of the border star system of Organia.  Not realizing that the planet is host to a race of omnipotent super beings, the short lived war is quickly ended with the forced signing of the Treaty of Organia.


Starfleet orders another fleet wide refit of all active vessels.  New warp nacelles and bridge modules are introduced, major structural designs are incorporated into all major systems, as well as numerous internal design changes. 


Earth is threatened by a self aware machine being known simply as “V’Ger”.  After investigation by the starship USS Enterprise, it is determined that V’Ger is in fact an enhanced version of the old Earth space probe Voyager 6.  V’Ger is stopped by the efforts of Enterprise Executive Officer Stephen Decker, who sacrifices himself to save Earth.


The first Federation starship attempts to explore a region of space known as the Typhon Expanse.  The USS Bozeman disappears with all hands.


The 20th century genetic tyrant Khan Noonian Singh escapes from exile on planet Ceti Alpha V.  Khan proceeds to hijack the starship USS Reliant and steals the prototype Genesis device, designed to instantaneously terraform  an entire planet though use of a spatial regeneration wave. 

Khan is defeated in his plans by the USS Enterprise under the command of Admiral James T. Kirk, but not before detonating the Genesis device within the Mutara Nebula.  This action creates the new “Genesis Planet”, but also kills Enterprise Captain Spock who dies in an effort to save his starship. 


After reporting the Genesis incident to Starfleet authorities, Admiral Kirk proceeds to steal the USS Enterprise on a personal mission to recover Captain Spock’s body from the Genesis Planet.  It is soon discovered that Captain Spock is in fact alive, regenerated by the Genesis terraforming wave.  Admiral Kirk manages to recover Spock, just as the Genesis Planet is destroyed due to the instability of its terraforming matrix.  Defeating a group of Klingons seeking to steal the Genesis design secrets, Admiral Kirk takes Spock to Vulcan where Spock’s body is merged with his soul, known as a katra, which was carried in the mind of Doctor Leonard McCoy since the moment of Spock’s original death.


An extremely powerful alien probe nearly destroys Earth after ionizing the planet’s atmosphere and draining all electrical power from any approaching starships. 

It is later discovered that the probe was transmitting a highly powerful version of a “whale song”, in an attempt to contact the extinct species of humpback whale.  Through the use of time travel to the 20th century, Admiral James T. Kirk and the crew of the recently destroyed USS Enterprise manage to bring a pair of humpback whales forward in time and prevent futher devastation by the probe.